651Oleksandra Orlova is a writer, columnist and translator. Originally from Ukraine, she writes children’s books in English and Ukrainian. In Ukraine she is also known as the author of short stories.

In 2012, Oleksandra moved from Kyiv to Seattle (US), where she attended classes in the theory and history of children’s literature and also began to translate children’s books from English into Ukrainian.

A former Montessori teacher, Oleksandra is passionate about handmade crafts, storytelling and walking in nature. She is fond of yoga, photography, collecting books and never refuses a cup of tea.

Oleksandra lives with her beloved husband and charming cat in Kirkland, Washington.


Вузлик на пам’ять. Історії про бабусю (2019)

Чайна книжка. Історії про чай і не тільки (2019)

Сніговірші для малят (2018)

Ом і дзень (2018)

Це зробила вона (2018)

Теплі історії в конвертах (2018)

Окуляри і кролик-гном (2018)

Bears Can Fly (2017)

For Whom Does the Sun Shine? (2017)

What Does the Ball Like Most of All? (2017)

The Little Train Goes on a Trip (2017)

Ліза і друзі. Сім’я / Lisa and Friends. Family (2017)

Ліза і друзі. Слова ввічливості / Lisa and Friends. Polite Words (2017)

Підземне царство метро (2017)

Подорож до країни Мурвіль (2013)


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